May 30, 2014

Fun Day/Last Day

1st Day of Kindergarten, 2013 ::
Last Day of Kindergarten, 2014 ::

May 23, 2014

More from PDX

Our bike tour guide Noah, checking out a slug

The very populated Multnomah Falls

A Bridge Aphorism

My rental bike's name was Fiona!

Brewcycle tour....we opted not to go on this tour

Broccoli tower

Western Scrub Jay (I think)

Rock n Roll Marathon with 1,000s of people running through the streets

Shawn thought this looked cozy

Lovejoy Bakery

May 20, 2014


 Numerous people have asked me why my friend Meg and I booked a trip to Portland.  Here's a glimmer of why we chose to head to the Northwest...
City Views
Food Trucks and riding our bikes through the city night

Voodoo Donuts!

Places to walk, things to see (dragon boat races in background)

Bagel!!  Coffee!!

Totally cool bike shop with friendly people

The bike tour we took....overlooking the Columbia River


Dewy leaves!

5 days of conversation with a best friend

Weirdos to watch (Darth Uni-Piper)

New Breweries

Farmers Market with things in bloom

Did I mention Coffee?

And my favorite thing....riding a bike.

May 5, 2014

Cottonwood Canyon

Hooray!  The weather warmed up and we spent a beautiful afternoon out hiking.  This trail is at the base of the Bighorns, and a freezing stream of water was coming down through the canyon.