Apr 27, 2010

Lucky Tyler

I finally got a bike seat for little Tyler to ride in. He is thrilled to be in it--and throws a fit when he is taken out.
He was sitting in there with numb hands, refusing to let go. Stubborn---just like his dad.

Apr 25, 2010

Just another weekend

Yesterday was the first day of the Helena Farmer's Market. We were in Helena anyway, so we decided to stop by and see what was available. Pretty much nothing---except jewelry and crafts. There's no produce this time of year except what is left in everyone's root cellar from last fall! Shawn and Tyler bought a "pork-on-a-stick" for breakfast. They're in the middle of the picture below.
We could have bought some tomato plants but that would have ended up tragically with our current weather patterns. Instead we bought our food from the grocery store, and then came home to THIS EGG in the coop.

I wish I could have heard the squawking that accompanied the laying of this mammoth!!

Apr 20, 2010

Funny things about little boys

When I saw Tyler patter into the house in his socks one afternoon this weekend, I wondered what he could be after. We had been outside all day, and I took his shoes off to cool his feet. He generally always has pretty sweaty feet.
He scampered outside with a wad of blankets--he pronounces them "Babies." Then he proceeded to lie down in my flower bed and roll around on the sidewalk.

I immediately thought of this image below that I saw on the Pioneer Woman's website.

I guess little boys like to be on the warm cement with their blankies?
Tyler is very content outside these days. Especially when he has his buddy Decker there, and of course, his "baby."
I looked over at him last night I saw him standing there with his hands in his pockets.
It brought to mind this picture that is pretty famous:
"been farming long?"

Apr 19, 2010

A Contest to Enter

Click on over to the blog "From this Front Porch" to help celebrate its 3 year Blogiversary, and enter a comment in to be in the running for two lovely mugs. It's Easy and Fun!

Apr 16, 2010

What's New

This week, Tyler surprised us by going to daycare healthy and happy, and 2 hours later I had to pick him up due to a fever. He was pretty sluggish all day Thursday, red cheeks and groggy and mopey.
Today was a different story! The sunshine must rejuvenate him because he wanted to be outside all afternoon, and refused to nap. He only slowed down when I offered him some crackers in a bowl.
With this nice weather I was able to plant some things in pots in the greenhouse. My wheatgrass in there is taking off, I will have to keep the nosy chickens and hungry horses out!

My tulips are finally looking good--they may bloom by June?

Apr 11, 2010


We left the house this afternoon because it was gloomy and snowy, and I wanted to go to the Missouri River and look at something besides my messy house.
It wasn't any better weather at the River. Shawn went out and fished for a couple of hours, trying for walleye=of course. Tyler slept in the truck and I read a book. When he got up we bundled up and went outside for a few minutes.

Even the Bald Eagle looked cold out there.

To warm up we sat inside and ate soup and crackers.

Shawn decided he was done for the day so we drove from the River up past the dam to Holter Lake. There were lots of people using $15 fly rods to catch spawning trout. Tyler got to see a few fish in real life, and practice his newest word of "fish"
He also says "thank you" but it is a constant thing--I can't leave the room without him yelling "thank you" after me.
You're Welcome!!

Apr 9, 2010

It's still not spring-y here

My office is next to the rural airport, and we are able to walk out there when there are no aircraft. It's nice walking where you know there is no traffic, but the wind whips through here like no other. We are patiently waiting for warm temperatures, but even Shawn is starting to be annoyed with the wind and cold.


Apr 7, 2010

Our Easter Sunday

The first thing we did after we got up was to look for the Easter basket. It wasn't hidden too hard, so Tyler found it quickly. He didn't like the rabbit grass sticking to his hands.

Then we got dressed and ready for Church. Jonah took a family photo. Don't I look nice for once?
Moments before, my curling iron actually popped, sparked, and died. All while my hair was rolled up in it! Shawn said "that could have been our ticket to early retirement." My mind immediately went to an image where I was lying at a beachouse, bald, eating fresh pineapple, thinking "thanks Vidal Sassoon for the paying me a settlement!" It was not to be though--I just unplugged the iron and threw it away.

Tyler just can't deal with the grass.

He did look great in his new Easter outfit from Grammy S.

Then later in the afternoon, after the ham was cooked, we had some Easter orphans over for dinner.

It was very sunny outside so we went out to digest. These three dudes look pretty content and full of ham.

Jonah and Beau helped Tyler hold the eggs he found in the yard.
You had to hurry to peel and eat an egg....

...before it got smacked onto the ground.
It turned out to be a beautiful and blessed Easter. We felt fortunate to share it with friends and family.

Apr 5, 2010

A Surprise for Jess

Friday afternoon Jonah, Tyler, and I drove up to the Flathead to surprise Jessica for her birthday. Jason did a tremendous job keeping it a secret (and cleaning the house!)

We went to Montana Coffee Traders for breakfast the next day....It was wonderful! Along with a yummy omelette, I bought lots of trinkets and fun things. I just love going to great, fun cafes. Tyler was a little sick last weekend, so he was your typical snotty kid.

Jess: "Tyler, looking at your face makes me lose my appetite"
Tyler: "Aunt Jess, the feeling's mutual"

Jason, Sammy, and Ty had fun throwing the ball around in the back yard. The weather was unpleasant but they needed the fresh air.

It was a short little trip, but I was glad we went and surprised her.

Apr 2, 2010

Egg-cellent Times

We made Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs. Tyler was pretty good at it.

He really thinks Jonah is neat. Can you tell?

SomeBunny was in our yard!

The Easter Bunny arrived early at our house this week. It was a little chilly out so he had his coat on.

He must have gotten thirsty from all that hopping, because he leaned over to take a sip out of the horse waterer.

He found some cool stuff to look at out in the sage.

I think he was a little tired from a big day, but he didn't want to rest.

He was pretty happy to be outside in the fresh air.