Oct 27, 2014

All in a weekend

Friday night along the Yellowstone River near Livingston (unedited!!)

Soft sand and glowing skies

Breakfast after a few hours of sleep

Hiking to Pine Creek Falls

Leighla and her hearts--necklace and leaf

Everywhere we go now it's "Take My Picture!"

Cronuts and coffee

On the way home, one more stop at the River.

Saying Goodbye

I keep thinking back to all the things in my life that Decker was a part of.  
It look back at the last 10 years and see his little tail in so many photos, or his shape off in the background sniffing for stinky stuff.
He really was my best friend, and saying goodbye to him the last time was devastating.  I wasn't ready for him to be gone.
He went on every walk, many bike rides, and tons of hikes with us.  And he sat on the porches of our houses and barked at all the scary stuff in the dark.
We called him our "Dog Alarm," and every morning Tyler knew the bus was coming because of his hound-dog howling.
Now we can't help but look for him wandering around outside, and pulling into the driveway tugs at my heart, since no one comes to my car door anymore to greet me.
He died on a beautiful fall day, and as soon as the vet put the shot in I wanted to take it back, I was NOT ready!  We get comfort in knowing that All Dogs Go to Heaven, so he'll be our angel until then.
And on a little lighter note, Cash says the walleye Shawn catches are in heaven, too.

His best dog friend Tater.  Running together in Heaven now.

Oct 21, 2014

It's Fall

Our days have been extremely warm and sunny, and the only way we know that Autumn has arrived is by the changing colors of the landscape.

The Bighorns have snow in areas, but by the end of our afternoon getting firewood it had mostly all melted.

Another great day full of fresh air

Oct 15, 2014

Canyon Photos

Tyler and I spent Saturday morning at Bighorn Canyon.  There was an Artist in Residence program where the artist led us on a short hike and taught us how to sketch what we saw.

I wasn't very good, but she reminded us that it was more about meditating on the details and the experience than exactly drawing the image.

My photo colors are dull, but the color of the rocks was actually vibrant.

Oct 9, 2014


Did you know that the view from the Sheridan side of the Bighorns is so stunning?

Farmers Market/Harvest Fest

Decorating a squash for the derby

Squash Derby!