Nov 29, 2014


Photos from our Thanksgiving in Bozeman.  Great times and super views!
The view from the rented home

Snow angels!

Turkey Day exercise


This is what nervous looks like

Nov 23, 2014

Christmas events (already)

Some photos of the Holiday Mingle this weekend.  This is the event I have to plan from start to finish.  Glad it is over and I can relax!
Crafts and fun stuff

Everyone gets a free photo with santa

Cookies and punch served by Town Council

Cocoa at the tree lighting

I always wonder what they talk about

Gingerbread houses
Tyler's Thanksgiving program at School

Nov 16, 2014

Cold and colder

While we are all recovering from stomach issues and other ailments, the weather outside has stayed frigid.
Some people don't mind the cold

Some "people" HATE the cold.  Too bad, so sad!
She can't be trusted to always use the catbox inside so she is corralled into a back room at night, and chucked outside in the day.

Snow-cover makes the hunting easier.

Nov 12, 2014

smashing pumpkins

Sunday the boys decided to do some squash tossing.

over and over and over and over...

And here is Tyler's morning wardrobe for getting on the bus when it is -5 outside.

Nov 8, 2014

Three !

We had company and I was talking to them (they're the ghostly hand on the right side of the photo)

Nov 1, 2014


1st Grade Party

I really liked this unique costume!

Cash got to join in

Ready for the big event!