Aug 31, 2015

Things from our weekend

We went down the road and picked a few dozen ears of sweet corn from the neighbor's patch.

It was hot, weedy, mosquito-y and generally not a fun place to hang out.

Bighorn Lake marina had a concert one evening. 
We set up chairs to watch while the kids played in the water.

Another soccer game.

Bicycling under smoky skies.

Aug 26, 2015

Second Grade

Registering for school with his new teacher

First Day Photo!

Aug 24, 2015

Weekend in Belgrade

Hanging out at Curt's. Everyone gets along so well :)

Cash purchased some new Chaps. He has only taken them off when he goes to the bathroom or to bed.

Happy 7th Birthday!!!

Getting dressed up, just need a real horse.

Aug 21, 2015

Soccer time and my garden

Does anyone know what these squash are?  I think they are a blue hubbard, but I never remember what seeds I planted, and they seem to be squattier than a hubbard.

Clay Butte Tower and Beartooth Pass

We stopped at Clay Butte Lookout tower, which is run by volunteer lookout tower preservationists.

You can see Granite Peak, which is the tallest peak in Montana, and one of the harder ones to see from anywhere else.  (it's toward the middle of the photo)

Cash was making "bloody eyes" for some unknown reason.

Aug 17, 2015


Our weekend camping trip to the mountains north of Cody, towards Yellowstone.
Dead Indian Pass on the Chief Joseph Highway

Pilot and Index, pretty distinguishable peaks

Getting crazy in the car

Camp is set up, let's go hike! Cash put a flower backwards behind his ear

Beartooth Butte is in the background, rising above Beartooth Lake

It's never too cold to swim!

Our Grizzly bear sighting!  This is where it stood up and watched two fishermen walk towards him.

They haven't seen the bear yet! 2 guys on the right and the griz in the shrubs on the left.

Finally the fishermen's dog barked and bear backed away

Aug 10, 2015

Driving through the Pryors

 On Sunday we needed to get away from the house and yardwork, so we decided to drive through the Pryor Mountains.  We can see them so clearly from the house but haven't ever been there.

It was a stunning drive, and there were beautiful trees and mountains.
We had a destination, the Big Ice Cave, and finally found the trail.

It was freezing there! 32 degrees year round so the dripping water formed ice stalagmites, instead of mineral ones.