Dec 30, 2015


Merry Christmas!

Pre Christmas

We packed up early and headed to Libby to beat a snowstorm.
We didn't beat the storm, and when we we arrived it was still coming down!

Cabinet Mountain Brewery

Sweet Tyler's eyelashes

Gingerbread House building

Sharptail Grouse outside

Dec 15, 2015


Cash's favorite day of the week is when he gets to do "funnastics"
I like it because it gets some of his wiggles out, and he likes showing us his new tricks.

Christmas Programs

Hillcrest 2nd Grade Class Holiday Program:

Our trip to Missoula and the Little Red Truck Vintage Market.  It was at the Fairgrounds, and had a lot of neat things to look at!

Cash evidently had a turn with the camera:

The goose decoy I bought.  
Behind me is a guy who is a prepper, and told us ALL ABOUT LIVING OFF GRID.

My favorite picture ever.

Dec 7, 2015

Afternoon Hike

The Maud S Canyon hiking trail is just outside of town.  
We were happy it warmed up and even had to shed layers as we went uphill.