May 31, 2010

A Trip to Coeur d'Alene

Since we had a 3 day weekend, I decided we needed to get out of the rain and gloom of Lincoln, so we headed to the rain of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! It was nice to go visit the town and see the lake.

Tyler pointing out a"Beeeear"

Right down on Lake Coeur d'Alene was the largest playground Tyler had ever seen. He would have stayed there the entire time if we'd let him. As it was, we actually returned twice. The trees in the park were so huge and gorgeous, and it was lush and magical with the Lake in the background and all the trees flowering.

nice wheels

It never really rained while we were there, just misted a little and stayed cool enough for us to have to keep moving around.
Shawn and I even had fun playing. From my sore muscles the next day, I decided I am in no shape to do pull-ups.
One handed!!

We also went to Tubbs Hill, which is a hiking area right across from the Coeur d'Alene Resort.

Me and Mudgie Moose, who can be found all along the Lake

This weekend was a fun reminder of how much I like being around lakes. And a fun reminder of how terrible Tyler sleeps in hotel rooms.

May 27, 2010

From the Back Yard

It has been overcast and rainy for days.

I finally got outside for a walk this evening between showers.
There were elk browsing on the hill behind our house.
This little doggie wanted to chase them SOOOOO bad.

It's pretty mucky in the corral.

Kinda gloomy. Much like my mood.

May 25, 2010

Looking back at the weekend

This last weekend went by quick with rain/snow/gropple/sun/wind/cold/hot...typical MT weather I guess. Dad and Grammy stayed the night on their way home from Columbia Falls and visiting Jess. The guys went out looking for morels in our pasture but weren't successful. Must be too cold still.

Grammy and Tyler broke out the playdough. She taught him some new tricks with it. They ended up with blue-green fingers for the rest of the night.

I was obviously very proud of this salad. It was made mostly from my garden. If only walnuts and feta grew in Lincoln too--I could have really claimed ownership. The squash and beets from last year's garden, chives, onions, pansy petals, and lettuce were all local!
It was my "first salad from the garden."

May 24, 2010

Time is FLYING

Since having a child 21 months ago, I think a lot about time. And about kids growing up. (I include myself in this category). My dad used to tell us we should take pills that would stop us from growing up. It became an old joke but I found myself saying it to Tyler the other day.
I have been back to work full time for a year now, and while I enjoy many aspects of the job, I still find myself driving by daycare and straining my neck just in case Tyler is outside playing. I will never be able to see him because he is in the fenced back play yard. But I still look EVERY time. *maybe he will be looking out the window and see me!* I try not to stop in and visit because it is sad to leave him there, laughing with his friends and eating goldfish crackers while waving "BYE" to me
I have talked to a lot of mothers in the last year about returning to work. Everyone has different thoughts about it, but it is more common for them to say they wished to be home more than at work more. One rancher woman said "not a day has gone by that I wish I was being paid to be away from my kids than at home taking care of them." I believe this is true for lots of women, and I have been struggling to find a balance--on the weekends there are so many things I WANT to do but instead I do all the things I HAVE to do. It doesn't help living so far from stores.
This week I am going down to work only part-time. I know it isn't a big leap but it feels like a big transition to me....less pay....reduced benefits...blah blah. But I am trying to make myself think "time to read books and make healthy meals and rebuild my compost bin." I know it will get easy after that first extra day off!
I don't know if I could be an all-out domestic diva right now, but I am hoping to wake up my more creative side and do some of the projects and fun things I lie in bed and think about.

May 17, 2010

Shhhh don't tell my Mom

I saw this neat little planter and thought "I CAN DO THIS." So I did. And I decided to give it to my mom. So Happy Late Mother's Day MOM.
Sorry you have to wait for dad to drive across the country to bring it to you. At least they are all succulents so they won't need lots of water and attention!

A visit with the Grand-s

We had a good week with company. The weather could have been better, but it did get nice for a few days.
Great-Grammy read to Tyler
We also went for a walk by the River one afternoon.

Pop-Pop and Tyler spent quality time throwing rocks in the water.

And the two guys did some mechanical work on a junk-yard bicycle. It's still a little big but someday Tyler should be able to get on it and go!

May 10, 2010

All 3 College Graduates!

This weekend we attended Jonah's graduation at Montana State University.
The full Ceremony was kind of long, but I think it is really special to be there and see all the students who have spent so much time, brainpower, and money into achieving their goals.

At the individual school ceremonies, Jonah got to walk on stage and accept his diploma with all his peers,

...and from all his professors.

I really can't say Congrats to Jonah without thinking how much Mom and Dad have done to make it possible for all 3 of us to successfully complete college,

How nice it was also to stay at a Vacation home up Bridger Canyon. We all got to be together in one fancy house!
The views and rooms were great, good for sitting around and socializing.

One warm and sunny afternoon I sat outside and read. How peaceful :)

For once, this little boy wasn't the center of attention--

This boy was!!

Congrats little brother!

May 7, 2010

The best advice usually comes after...

Tyler had his first salon haircut this week. He hated it. A lot. Afterwards everyone said "you should've given him a sucker!" I guess I know for next time...hairy suckers calm screaming children.

May 4, 2010

Glacier II

You can't go to Glacier NP and not be amazed at the Mountains (even if they aren't totally visible through the clouds).

It was a good thing we had Jen with us; the bears wouldn't stand a chance if she whipped out this bear spray from her bottle rack.

Jen: All smiles and crooked helmets

Meg: All coffee all the time

Jackie: Do you guys want to turn around yet? Does anyone want to stop and have a snack?

This was the end of the road for us; too many rocks and too much snow on the road. Our tires just did slippy-slides trying to go through it.
So we turned around.

A friendly British couple took our picture once we finally got back to the car. We did about 19 miles in all. When we turned around on the way up we still had 7 miles to go before we got to Logan Pass.
Definitely a trip we plan on trying again!

Sunday morning dawned cloudy again so we eyed our wet spandex and shoes and decided that a cup of coffee and a walk around Whitefish would be more fun than a chilly ride on a bike.

I got a Tiger Chai---grrrrr!

Whitefish had a really nice pathway to walk.
We wished we had our dogs, especially since some of the signs were in their language.

We got to Whitefish Lake after walking through some really neat neighborhoods.
Whitefish Lake was totally calm and pristine. A good place to end a great trip.

May 3, 2010

Weekend in Glacier NP

Driving up north with Meg and Jen on Friday, we looked at the rain and clouds and thought "yuck." But then this glorious rainbow appeared and we just HAD to stop and take a photo. It was one of the most brilliant rainbow's I'd ever seen and I think it was an omen that we would have a great weekend no matter the weather.

Saturday we woke up to cloudy skies but were excited and perky (maybe from all the Coffee Trader's Coffee?) to get out and go.

Things to remember:
1) It's not called "Sunny and Dry National Park"
2) Vault toilet seats that are cold on your rear in the summer do not magically become warm in the Spring.

We got loaded up and took off from the Avalanche trailhead--the furthest place a car can go in the Park right now. We didn't know how far we could go, and only knew the road was "flat for a while, and then a long climb up to Logan Pass." We knew we wouldn't be able to make it to the top due to the snow, so we just thought we'd ride until we no longer could!

The only Rule for the day: NO NEGATIVITY, no matter what

Meg heard a stick crack and looked up to see this Moose. Funny how you're not scared of being close to a moose when you have 10 layers on and a bike to pedal off with.

Road Construction machines were everywhere. I almost got trapped under one.

An avalanche blew through this part of the road. This is about 7 miles up and where it began to sprinkle a little.

A tunnel we rode through... I thought "oh good, a dry spot." No such luck==it leaked!!

All the waterfalls are much more vivid and beautiful when viewed from a bike. Add to that the feeling that you might fall off the edge of the road if a rock came rumbling down the hill, and it was an exhilirating experience.

This trip made me feel so alive and adventurous again, just what I needed after a long winter and spring!!
More pictures to come when I get a chance!!