Jun 15, 2016

Another birthday

We just can't ever be boring...
This year both kids had worn off dinosaur face paint, and the "elegant" cake I made with flowers picked from my new yard ended up with 20 candles thanks to Cash.
That's just life with kids I guess!

I did yard work on my birthday, cleaning up lots of weeds and overgrown areas.

Jun 10, 2016


Last days in the rental--Shawn's birthday

Cash's safe bike riding outfit

Crammed in the back to go for a drive.

Park Lake 10 miles up from our house

Do you see them?

Jun 8, 2016

Things going on

Our old Butte rental neighborhood

T00 Sunny and really just how we all look

My massive canning collection, what fun to unpack. And I'm too lazy to edit!

View from the yard


Ugly pallet raised beds.  They won't stay, I have plans to rip them out this fall.

Cash and Tyler need to downsize on toys!

I can't wait to have things organized!