Mar 26, 2012

Wonderful Wyoming

We didn't even look in the rearview mirror as we left home--and there was nothing to see anyway because it was blizzarding so bad.  Shawn, Cash and I dropped Tyler off to stay with family and we headed to WY to get out of the snow. 
It was 65 degrees and sunny! What a treat!

At the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area visitor's center in Lovell.
Isn't my hair shiny in the sunlight?

We went for a little walk at a wildlife management area.

Mr. Clean had to wear a hood because his bald head isn't used to the sun

We walked around on an area that is under water for most of the year.  The Bighorn River dam (Yellowtail) was let out while we were there and it looked like a beach.

Neat geological features. 

And look!  This is Cash's very first time touching grass.  We ate at a park in Powell and he was able to check out the lawn.

The grass went straight to his mouth, and then straight out.  Fun to look at but not to eat!

Mar 22, 2012

Spring Fling

We decided to laugh in the face of winter, and throw a spring fling.  It snowed all morning, but eventually tapered off and was a cloudy-ish day.
Shawn smoked a turkey, and it was super moist and tasty. 

I had visions of making a beautiful spring spread and table setting, and it sort of happened.
I had planned ahead and called the little florist in town and she said she had tulips and daffodils.  Great, I told her, I will run down and get them the day of the party!  When I got there, everything was in the cooler, and all the flowers were completely closed up.  She evidently didn't think I wanted the daffodils blooming for the party.  I put them in warm water to see if they would open up. 
(The narcissus in the jar in the photo below is from a bunch I bought in Helena) 

Well, they opened up overnight.  When I was up with Cash at 1:30am I looked at them and there they were, brightly showing off.  Oh well.

In our small house, we have a "store-all" room and that is where everyone ended up sitting.  I guess I did all the cleaning and decorating inside the house for nothing! 

Some moms would see their 3 year old out riding his bike in 40 degree weather without a jacket on (and with a glow in the dark straw in his mouth) and run out and yell at him. 
Not me, I quickly grabbed my camera and took a photo. 
Tyler had a blast with some of his pals, and showing off his toys and bikes. 
Shawn and I had a great time, too although we're a little tired today. 
I realized that all these bloggers who take gorgeous photos of their parties must not be enjoying the party.  I was having too much fun to stand around with a camera, maybe next time I will hire someone to take photos.

Mar 20, 2012

Snowy Day=Make Cake Pops

First day of Spring?  It is pretty normal for us to get snow on this day.

Tyler was a little mopey.  He said it was a "sad day."

Let's make cake pops!  First we crumbled the cake...

and then we rolled the cake into balls, using frosting to make it sticky.

Yep!  It's gonna be good!

Our finished product was not very pretty.

They are tasty though, and ready for the "Welcome Spring" party we are having at our house!

Mar 15, 2012

Let's just go outside

Baby in a Basket

Can you see them...some of my bulbs are coming up!  Hope they aren't too early!

Mar 11, 2012

Today's smiles were brought to you by:
My smiling, big, baby boy

My new bike, and the ride I went for on it

VRRRROoooommming around the patio and pavement in the sunshine

Stacking blocks for hours


I love putting eggs in trees.  It just makes sense.

Mar 4, 2012

So Springy

We lucked out today and had a high of 51 degrees, which felt VERY warm.
It was so nice to sit outside in the sun, although there were high wind warnings (it is usually pretty breezy around here) and sometimes that made it feel chilly.
Tyler was super excited to ride his bike again.

And I am super excited to see what plants start coming up after all this snow goes away!