Aug 26, 2012

During my weekend....

....I was up really early both days (6:30) and was able to take some photos of the wild sunflowers growing along the road in the dawn light.  It's been very smoky from all the western wildfires and pollen-y around here lately.

This little guy sat in the doorway and screamed at me until I got back in the house from taking pictures.  It is thanks to him I am up so dang early.

We also got another big supply of corn from our neighbors, so I spent time shucking, de-silking, boiling, and freezing corn.  It is fresh enough to eat raw, and we have enough to just munch on now and then.

I also got to visit with a good friend!  Rebecca and her daughter came to see us before she makes a big move to Idaho.  We are loving all the visitors that now come to see us, and the boys especially like the company.

Aug 23, 2012

Four Years Young

We had company come to help celebrate Tyler's big day. 
His cousins, aunt, and Grandma were here to make him feel super-special.
One afternoon we went to Cody to tour around, and the boys chatted with John Wayne.

Making the cake with lots of SPRINKLES!

What Tyler learned is that Cash will ALWAYS want to help open presents.

Cash learned to chew on balloons

Teaching Tyler how to drive a remote-control monster truck

Big porches are for hanging out and waiting for the air to cool off

Finally!  Let's eat this cake.

Aug 17, 2012

Horsing Around

After two months of living in Wyoming, I threw down my dishrag and said "I am riding my horse tonight!"
I haven't saddled her since we've been here, and she is looking like she needs a little more exercise,
and a little less time with her head in the hay.
I rode a little and then came back to where Tyler hopped on and rode around.

Cash got to ride for the first time.  He felt pretty cool.

All we need is a few more hours in our day to do everything we want.  Or maybe we need to hire a maid.

Aug 14, 2012

Another trip outside

Come get in the picture, PLEASE?!

Supper was eaten out of Mason Jars.  Very Martha Stewart!

A tough hill to run up

Playing in the water


This photo took several attempts.  It was a long way to run before the camera timer clicked!

Aug 8, 2012

Three pictures

Shawn said "why are most vegetable blossoms yellow?"
I didn't know.  So I googled it, but came up with no answers.  Come on Google!
I read once that bugs find the flowers very sexy.

 I think Tyler has a very graceful neck.  He could be a dancer. 
But he's a wild boy, and likes bikes and trains and lining up rocks in the dirt.

 I just hope Cash always looks up to me like he does now.

Aug 6, 2012

Coon Land

One interesting thing about our area is the different wildlife we get to see. 
We never saw raccoons in Lincoln, but here they are everywhere!  We don't see the critters as much as we find their footprints along the irrigation ditches, but we know they are around.  I know to some people they are not a novelty, but to Tyler and I they are still fun to see.
This coon family peeked out at us on our drive last night.

 The Yellowtail wildlife habitat area is very near our house, and we went for a drive on the dirt roads that go through it.  This is the shoshone river I believe, and Shawn was analyzing it for fishing potential.

Aug 3, 2012

Diamonds in the Rough

There are times since we have moved to Wyoming that I've thought "how can people live so happily in the desert? How do they not crave shade and humidity and a lush forest?"

We are finding that there are lots of ways to escape the heat, there are lots of little oases to check out.  Most people around here head to the mountains on the weekends to relax in the cool weather.  The town is very quiet because everyone is either at church or camping.

I notice the difference between Shawn and I is that he would stay home with the boys, make it easy on himself if he were the stay at home parent. 
I need to get out and look at things and keep active.  Stress is part of the fun (?)....the packing of snacks, remembering bug spray and diapers and baby milk formula, and getting the dog to load up into the car.

This spot we found is called "Five Springs" and is a BLM campground and short trail to a waterfall.  It is in the middle of the rocks in the photo.  What an AWESOME picnic area and place to go. 

One thing I didn't remember was a backpack.  So Cash had to ride around in the Baby Bjorn.  He loves being in it, but the comfort level is going down for me since he weighs 21 pounds and really gets to kicking.  If only I could find him a bonnet that he could keep on.  We just lather him up with sunscreen these days hope he won't have premature wrinkles from all the squinting.