Aug 26, 2012

During my weekend....

....I was up really early both days (6:30) and was able to take some photos of the wild sunflowers growing along the road in the dawn light.  It's been very smoky from all the western wildfires and pollen-y around here lately.

This little guy sat in the doorway and screamed at me until I got back in the house from taking pictures.  It is thanks to him I am up so dang early.

We also got another big supply of corn from our neighbors, so I spent time shucking, de-silking, boiling, and freezing corn.  It is fresh enough to eat raw, and we have enough to just munch on now and then.

I also got to visit with a good friend!  Rebecca and her daughter came to see us before she makes a big move to Idaho.  We are loving all the visitors that now come to see us, and the boys especially like the company.

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