Sep 4, 2012

Happy, sad, and everything in between

We decided to use this long weekend to wrap up some things at our old house, and while in MT, get together with family.
It was tough to go back to the place where we started so many together, marrying each other, changing jobs, finding friends, bringing home babies....
But it wasn't the same without all of our things, so that made it a little easier to know we were no longer supposed to be there.  Cash and Tyler thought the empty house was wonderful.  They were in and out of cabinets and rooms like it was a playground.  I was glad that Cash was able to go back and crawl around.  Shawn and I both thought the place looked VeRy SmALL.  How did we survive these 5 rooms?
 Then the boys and I stayed a night with a friend and her kiddos.  Look at the Trees!  How I miss trees.

Courtnay, Beau, and Tyler attempted to play Farkle.  Not an easy game for two antsy kids.

We left Lincoln in a rush.  Digging up plants to transplant in Wyoming, loading firewood on the trailer, dealing with busy children, and making sure we were all done with the house and property kind of stressed us out.  It took longer than we thought.
When we got to the cabin, it was nice to be able to relax.  Laura, Hailey, and I walked down to the creek so Laura could wash her hair and feel refreshed.

Oh, what the heck, I needed to feel refreshed also.

cabin life is pretty simple

We'd better go fishing!

Fish on!
 Tyler helped reel in a whitefish.  He really likes to tag along when Shawn goes fishing.

The air was warm, but the water pretty cool!

Baby Tristen even stuck her toes in
 On the last night of our trip we were able to celebrate Hailey and Trevor's birthdays.  Yummy cake and pie! 
It was a busy weekend with some ups and downs but I will only remember the good things, and not the whining, bleeding browbones, sleep deprivation, long drive, or stinky diapers.

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