Sep 27, 2015

Saturday outside

 We drove to Bighorn Canyon to check out their "Artist in Residence" program.  Artists apply to stay at the National Park and do whatever artsy thing they want.  And people are invited to stop out and see what they are working on.
The woman there did woodblock art, and she showed us before and after, and a video of the in-between.
Her website is

Inside the refurbished old ranch house, watching her carve the woodblock.

Cash took over the camera and snapped some photos.

Outside we messed around in the heat and sun.

We were pretty hot!  It was in the 90's!

Sep 25, 2015

Busy Days

Cash getting his teeth worked on at the dentist

Mornings with the cat

Chuckee Cheese in Billings with friends

Afternoons after Chuckee Cheese in Billings....

Playground buddies

I slipped away for an evening bike ride and encountered a rattlesnake on the road.

Sep 14, 2015

Sunday's hike

Meeteetse Rodeo

Tyler and Cash lined up for the "Chicken Scramble"

They didn't catch one. (phew!)

Sep 5, 2015

Going to the Mountains

Cash and I had to get out of the house while our realtor was bringing people over.  I decided to go to the Bighorns with the dog to find some cool clear air and water.  
It was sunny, beautiful, and so pleasant...and the first time my buddy Cash and I hiked alone together.
If you look closely, Cash is in the red sweatshirt ^^. He ran down the trail ahead of me but got nervous when he saw cows.