Jan 31, 2015

Growing Up

I was looking at the boys the other day, and realized that they are both getting so big!
They need to stop growing soon!

Progress is going well on our living room painting project.  Three walls are now done, with the 4th soon.
It looks so much better!

Jan 19, 2015


We did our own version of Sip and Paint.  This is Cash's very first painting project!
I painted my "Word of the Year" which is Radiant.  I did an online course with lots of journaling and a little meditating and listening to pod-casts to find it *RADIANT*

Luckily Cash took a few naps the last few weeks or went to bed early otherwise I would never have gotten this done.

I also went to lunch with a few friends.  We stuffed ourselves and then walked around Powell to the little stores.

Meanwhile shawn was the provider.  He ice-fished Saturday and caught 3 large walleye, and then Sunday went with a neighbor and shot his limit of 5 geese.

Jan 11, 2015

This weekend we started off with finding out that Tyler got on the "100 Board."  
Although we don't totally know what this means, we think it means he did really well or acted nicely and was able to put his name on the Board.  
He'll get entered into a drawing, and has told us he is pretty excited so it must be a nice recognition. 

Our friend Meg and her kiddos visited and we pulled out Twister.  There were some cracking hips and cheating twists!

Shawn need a time-out after his turn because he was head butted in the nose by Cash, and nearly passed out.

We also drove out Bighorn Canyon and saw a few Mustangs

It was windy and freezing so we didn't stay outside too long.

Jan 8, 2015


Last weekend we rented snowshoes in Cody, and found a trail that would be fun for the kids.

Having packed everything myself, I assured everyone I had all the necessary gear.
We never put Cash's coat on before he got in the car, so it ended up in the house, and not in the car.
He had to wear mine, and I wore Shawn's mega-down jacket.

Overall it was a fun trip, but the kids didn't have it in them to be out on the trail at first.  
They made it over an hour, and we made plenty of stops.  And there were snacks and water involved in those stops.