Feb 22, 2016

We were doing more driving around looking at houses, and found a park to go walk around in the Montana City area.  No snow!  But still pretty chilly out.

Then on our drive back to Butte, we found another campground where we could let the dog out.
Lots of snow!  And still chilly, but the sun was intoxicating.
The kids didn't want to leave, which is always a great feeling.  They love being outside.

Feb 16, 2016

Weekend in Wyoming

the old house :(
Bighorn Canyon with our friend Beth

dust and wind, two things I don't miss a whole lot!

Loving times

Getting ready for school Valentine's parties

Cash and I at his preschool craft day

Museum of the Rockies

Our trip to the museum was a hit!
The boys loved it, and so did Shawn and I.

Feb 1, 2016

Another ski outing

We decided to check out another cross country ski area nearby, called Mt. Haggin.
Tyler and I took off and did a big loop while Shawn and Cash did a smaller one (that's why they aren't in any photos)

A brand new, cozy warming hut!

Sugar Loaf mountain

He did so good!  But this pic makes him look wiped out

Learning how to go uphill