Jan 25, 2016

Sunday Driving

One thing that I have always loved, is going for a drive and seeing a new spot.
We drove south a few miles and found a camping/day use area along the Big Hole River.
If I could only live in these experiences and not worry all the time, life would be easier (maybe?)

Down the boat ramp to the frozen river

elk along a distant ridgeline

the best part of the drive is a stop for a burger and coke at a little cafe!

Jan 19, 2016


Shawn had the day off Monday, and he agreed to help Cash's school sledding party so I could go skiing by myself.
The trails were quiet and it was pretty snowy.

Cash's school plans a sledding day at a hill in town, and it is the kids' favorite day of the year.

Weekend in Helena

We decided to attend a Gardening Celebration at the fairgrounds in Helena, and thought it would be fun to visit friends there too, so we spend the night.
The celebration had an inspiring speaker, great food, and I reconnected with some of my old gardening buddies!  There were booths to look at, giveaways, and best of all FREE CHILDCARE.

We also had lunch with my pal Debbie and her family.  
Lily and Leighla could get wild with the boys if we let them all outside to romp around

And of course, swimming at the hotel was a hit.  The boys both made friends with groups of girls there for birthday parties.

Jan 11, 2016

Outside Butte

A house to buy

We returned to take a second look at a house in a nearby town.  It has pretty incredible views, and we have to decide if we want to leave the big town of Butte and live in a much smaller place.
 (25 minutes from Butte)

Tyler liked the "casino" in the basement, and they both really liked the cat.
Tough decisions coming up!