Oct 28, 2015

Our Final Days

We've been really lucky to have gorgeous weather the last month.  It has made it really hard to think about leaving.  That just means we've been taking advantage, and getting outside to our favorite spots.
Five Springs Falls

Wallowing with friends

Weather moving in, in the Bighorns

Freezer defrosting

Refusal to give up the baby backpack

Sweetly sleeping

Chicken greeters (now living a few miles away)

Cash's pre-birthday at Preschool.  With friends Oakley and Grayson

Breakfast bunch
Spooky sights.....the monster moving truck.  SAD!

Oct 18, 2015

Carving Party

We invited several families and friends over to carve pumpkins, and kind of say goodbye.
It was so sunny and warm, but no one complained!  As always, I wish I had taken more photos of all the treats we made, and the pumpkins, but I guess that just means I was having too much fun to stop and snap pictures.

Shawn got tired of helping kids carve, so he offered to hold a baby.

Tyler and BFFs

This morning after we cleaned up a little, we had to say goodbye to Shawn.  
He'll be gone to start his new job and stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks until the moving truck comes.

After he left the boys and I went out to clean up the outside mess. 
They decided to carve a few more pumpkins, and I didn't mind sitting in the sun watching.

Tyler carved my initials


Oct 15, 2015

The Beach in October

I wouldn't say it's "hot," but it is overly warm lately.  
We've been breaking temperature records, which is putting a damper on my pumpkin/baking habit. 
Tyler got off the bus this week and I announced we needed to go to the lake and mess around on the beach.  
We had it ALL to ourselves.

Oct 12, 2015

Oct 7, 2015

Things got weird while doing a Halloween craft

We went for a drive to the canyon, and walked in the wind on that gray day.

And we celebrated Cash's "fake" birthday with a pumpkin type of cake.
We did it early while people were visitng.

Oct 3, 2015

A day on the mountain

Lunch at the lodge on the mountain.
 (paint sample colors on the walls)

Hiking to the medicine wheel

Sheepherders moving the sheep down off the mountain

National Beer Day