Oct 18, 2015

Carving Party

We invited several families and friends over to carve pumpkins, and kind of say goodbye.
It was so sunny and warm, but no one complained!  As always, I wish I had taken more photos of all the treats we made, and the pumpkins, but I guess that just means I was having too much fun to stop and snap pictures.

Shawn got tired of helping kids carve, so he offered to hold a baby.

Tyler and BFFs

This morning after we cleaned up a little, we had to say goodbye to Shawn.  
He'll be gone to start his new job and stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks until the moving truck comes.

After he left the boys and I went out to clean up the outside mess. 
They decided to carve a few more pumpkins, and I didn't mind sitting in the sun watching.

Tyler carved my initials



  1. Sad photos of Shawn saying goodbye! Cash really seems to have a special zest for pumpkin-carving. Is the girl in the 3rd photo tazing her pumpkin?!?

  2. This pumpkin carving reminds me of you and Jessica, Simon and Jared entering pumpkins in the Lion's Club contest in Sheffield. Jess's was crying pumpkin seed tears. That's all I remember, but I probably have photos somewhere. Shelly