Aug 25, 2013


Up and ready to go early.  He would have liked to take his squirt gun to school...

He could not WAIT to get to the playground with the other kids

His Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bush tells him what to do

We got a flash of him running around before we made him come say goodbye!

"Leave me alone!"  "I just want a hug!"

What a Birthday looks like around here

For the boys birthdays, I can't help but be a little reminiscent of their actual births.  Shawn and I each notice the clock throughout the day and start sentences with "Remember that right now we were...?"  As in, at 4:30 in the afternoon five years ago I was frantically calling his office telling him to come home to take me to Helena because my water broke.  It's fun, and I hope we continue to remember these things forever.
For Tyler's fifth birthday, he wanted to go swimming, so we went to a big aquatic center over in Cody.

But first, we ate yummy Mexican food on an outside deck.  What a treat!

And then we swam.  Tyler swam more than us, as we were spending most of our time making sure Cash didn't drown.

Later we got home and poked around in the yard.  My sunflowers are Mammoth.

Frantic gift-unwrapping

You know your kid is ready to start school when you ask him what kind of cake he wants, and he says a "semi-circle."  He insisted on this, so I made a lumpy, huge cake.

We capped off a great day with watching a parade of farm machinery go by the house.  Many of the fields are ready to combine or harvest, so the farmers are pretty busy (well...busIER than normal).

Aug 19, 2013

Floating the Shoshone

We met up with some friends and coworkers in Cody to spend a few hours rafting the river.  It was such a great time, and even Tyler and Cash got to go.  I went the first trip down, and then the second trip Cash needed to nap so I was able to take some pictures.

Shawn is in the single kayak, and Tyler is in the raft

Tyler switched out towards the end to get into the kayak with Shawn

Aug 15, 2013

A Deserted Ranch

We get so tired of walking down our sunny, sometimes dusty road.  I told Tyler "we should drive somewhere and walk."  His eyes lit up and he danced around and said "A Hike!" 
So I searched my maps and brain, and decided to drive through Bighorn Canyon and see if there was a trail that had shade and water.  Not an easy task, since most of the shade is provided by giant rock walls along the lake.  

Pryor Mountain wild mustangs
 We ended up finding the Caroline Lockhart historic ranch inside the National Park boundary.  There was a little road to walk and several buildings to check out.  She was an author, failed actress, and later in life owned the newspaper in Cody.  The interesting thing is that she went to Moravian Seminary in Bethlehem, PA.  She walked streets back there that I have walked on!

Her brand on the chimney L/Heart

Definitely a rugged woman of the west

Aug 6, 2013

Lovelies in the Garden

Photos from my garden this morning.

I had several old packets of "wildflower" seeds that I scattered.  I had hoped they would attract more bees, but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference in attracting them.

I do love the flowers that grew out of the miscellaneous packets

We will have a lot of work when all the green tomatoes ripen

After this "melon" grew a little, we have decided it is actually a pumpkin!  Next summer I will keep seed packets and label plants better

Mr. Lincoln Rose

My little lovelies check daily for strawberries.  We expanded the patch to accommodate all the runners.

The best shot I got of the owl that hangs around at night on top of a light pole.