Aug 15, 2013

A Deserted Ranch

We get so tired of walking down our sunny, sometimes dusty road.  I told Tyler "we should drive somewhere and walk."  His eyes lit up and he danced around and said "A Hike!" 
So I searched my maps and brain, and decided to drive through Bighorn Canyon and see if there was a trail that had shade and water.  Not an easy task, since most of the shade is provided by giant rock walls along the lake.  

Pryor Mountain wild mustangs
 We ended up finding the Caroline Lockhart historic ranch inside the National Park boundary.  There was a little road to walk and several buildings to check out.  She was an author, failed actress, and later in life owned the newspaper in Cody.  The interesting thing is that she went to Moravian Seminary in Bethlehem, PA.  She walked streets back there that I have walked on!

Her brand on the chimney L/Heart

Definitely a rugged woman of the west

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