Nov 28, 2012

Getting Crunchy

If only I could spend more time making everything from scratch. 
Reading other blogs and magazines always makes me want to put an apron on and bake up some pop-tarts.
One thing I do like to mix up is homemade granola.  I have tried following recipes here and there but usually end up doing what I want, adding peanut butter, honey, molasses, vanilla.... 
This website inspired me to try something new--grind some of the oats first. 
And now I my recipe almost perfected.
Although I don't have it written down, and I really don't remember everything I put in the bowl.
Cash insists on sampling everything


The wonderful thing about having the kids grow up a little is getting to watch them interact.  I know, most people say they grow up too fast and that I shouldn't rush things.
Seeing Tyler voluntarily help his brother out warms my heart; he can be so patient!  There are many times when there is more shoving and crying than there is patience, but when I look over and see them happily playing together my blood pressure goes down.
Hooray for the holidays, and bring on the decorating!

Nov 24, 2012

Yum in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving 2012 :: Jess and Jason come for a visit!
cooking something

Tyler helped by staying out of the way

Cash was ready to eat

Pumpkin Caramel Meringue pie, recipe from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 
Totally not worth all the effort, I wish I had just made good ol' pumpkin pie.

Sunny morning in the living room

Tyler and Jess crafted these ornaments from "treasures" we picked up on a hike.  Wish I had bought more than 6 to make....Jessica could have made about 20!

Nov 21, 2012


The Bighorns have snow! But we don't at our house.  So we packed up our sleds and took a drive to get some fresh air and have winter fun.

 Back and forth we pulled the boys around.

Nov 11, 2012

Worland and Thermopolis

WOW it has been cold.  We actually got a little snow at our house, but it blew away or evaporated until there are only small piles in the shadows.  Our goal for today was to take a drive south to check out some of the other towns in the Bighorn Basin.
We didn't have plans, but looked at maps and road signs for ideas on what to do.
 This is 8 degrees and walking around an interpretive trail in Worland, where there was 3 times as much snow as at our house. We didn't make it very far before we ran back to the truck to warm up.

This photo makes me laugh so much that I decided to put it on Facebook, too.

Thermopolis, and the steam from Hot Springs State Park. 

Shuffling babies can't walk in snow very well

A buffalo herd roams around the state park.

Checking out the pools. The walkway was not shoveled and we lost interest in trudging through the snow carrying the kids. 
We will be back! (When the temps are above 20 degrees perhaps)

Nov 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to my baby boy

The calm

Before the Storm

Birthday Hike

I took Cash to get some fresh air and exercise at the Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area.  It was a great, mild day and I hope he liked it as much as I did.
Hungry, wild horses roam through the area.


prancing through life

He loves his doggie

Peek a boo!

Road Trip

I wanted to go for a drive while Shawn and Tyler were gone for a few days hunting, and I used it as an excuse to browse some shops! So Cash and I took a little drive over to Red Lodge, MT.
I was dwelling on some dumb things.  One of them was a new house for sale in town that appears to be more perfect than the one we bought.  I know it always happens, and so I was trying to not think about living in a place with grass and shady trees and even more amazing views.
I rounded a corner on the drive and this view took my breath away...and I forgot to dwell on anything and I just enjoyed the scenery.
Beartooth Mountains

This is the excellent cafe we ate at.  Cash squirmed around and flirted with EVERYONE and barely nibbled on a PB, Honey and Banana sandwich while I devoured my sundried tomato-walnut pesto omelette with goat cheese and greens. So good!

This picture is actually from the next day.  Cash and Chrissy have birthdays on Nov 4th so we all got together and celebrated a day early.  He didn't eat any cupcake, and neither did Chrissy.  Hmmm?