Nov 11, 2012

Worland and Thermopolis

WOW it has been cold.  We actually got a little snow at our house, but it blew away or evaporated until there are only small piles in the shadows.  Our goal for today was to take a drive south to check out some of the other towns in the Bighorn Basin.
We didn't have plans, but looked at maps and road signs for ideas on what to do.
 This is 8 degrees and walking around an interpretive trail in Worland, where there was 3 times as much snow as at our house. We didn't make it very far before we ran back to the truck to warm up.

This photo makes me laugh so much that I decided to put it on Facebook, too.

Thermopolis, and the steam from Hot Springs State Park. 

Shuffling babies can't walk in snow very well

A buffalo herd roams around the state park.

Checking out the pools. The walkway was not shoveled and we lost interest in trudging through the snow carrying the kids. 
We will be back! (When the temps are above 20 degrees perhaps)

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