Sep 11, 2012

Bucking Mule Falls

We took a little hike (4 miles roundtrip and Tyler almost hiked the whole way!) to an overlook.  The trail was so great, and we had a wonderful time.

Teepee creek.  Nice to dip our hands into and cool off.
 We kept having to hold on to Tyler.  He seemed to think he was invincible and would not trip or fall off the cliff.  The waterfall is in the lower right side of the picture.

Woo-wee you could see forever!  It was kind of scary being so close to the edge.

This kid had an easy ride.  He got out for our lunch break and crawled all over the place because he had so much energy.

This is looking north-ish I think.  The canyon eventually goes into Bighorn Lake and the country is so rugged.  There are trails that go all around here but they were much longer and we are in no shape to carry kids that far.  It is a little hazy from the smoke but a perfect day otherwise. 

O Wyoming!

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