Aug 8, 2012

Three pictures

Shawn said "why are most vegetable blossoms yellow?"
I didn't know.  So I googled it, but came up with no answers.  Come on Google!
I read once that bugs find the flowers very sexy.

 I think Tyler has a very graceful neck.  He could be a dancer. 
But he's a wild boy, and likes bikes and trains and lining up rocks in the dirt.

 I just hope Cash always looks up to me like he does now.


  1. Jackie- Exceptional photographs!! Now to the the yellow-ness of vegetable blossoms...all I know is that supposedly bees prefer yellow. That's what the bee experts say. (But personally I have lots of yellow flowers and also many that are other colors, and I don't notice any more bees on the yellow blossoms. So I'm no help at all!) ~Shelly

  2. This website talks about bee's favorite colors. Turns out they like blue a lot, and they like yellow because it looks like blue to them.

  3. Oh yeah, the website is

  4. Hmmm, Good to know I had no idea! Now I can tell Shawn. We have lots of bees around with all the alfalfa blossoms and sunflowers. I guess it's not a coincidence that their blooms are blue and yellow.