Mar 22, 2012

Spring Fling

We decided to laugh in the face of winter, and throw a spring fling.  It snowed all morning, but eventually tapered off and was a cloudy-ish day.
Shawn smoked a turkey, and it was super moist and tasty. 

I had visions of making a beautiful spring spread and table setting, and it sort of happened.
I had planned ahead and called the little florist in town and she said she had tulips and daffodils.  Great, I told her, I will run down and get them the day of the party!  When I got there, everything was in the cooler, and all the flowers were completely closed up.  She evidently didn't think I wanted the daffodils blooming for the party.  I put them in warm water to see if they would open up. 
(The narcissus in the jar in the photo below is from a bunch I bought in Helena) 

Well, they opened up overnight.  When I was up with Cash at 1:30am I looked at them and there they were, brightly showing off.  Oh well.

In our small house, we have a "store-all" room and that is where everyone ended up sitting.  I guess I did all the cleaning and decorating inside the house for nothing! 

Some moms would see their 3 year old out riding his bike in 40 degree weather without a jacket on (and with a glow in the dark straw in his mouth) and run out and yell at him. 
Not me, I quickly grabbed my camera and took a photo. 
Tyler had a blast with some of his pals, and showing off his toys and bikes. 
Shawn and I had a great time, too although we're a little tired today. 
I realized that all these bloggers who take gorgeous photos of their parties must not be enjoying the party.  I was having too much fun to stand around with a camera, maybe next time I will hire someone to take photos.

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  1. Wish we could have been there. The smoked turkey sounds delicious. Mom and Dad