Mar 26, 2012

Wonderful Wyoming

We didn't even look in the rearview mirror as we left home--and there was nothing to see anyway because it was blizzarding so bad.  Shawn, Cash and I dropped Tyler off to stay with family and we headed to WY to get out of the snow. 
It was 65 degrees and sunny! What a treat!

At the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area visitor's center in Lovell.
Isn't my hair shiny in the sunlight?

We went for a little walk at a wildlife management area.

Mr. Clean had to wear a hood because his bald head isn't used to the sun

We walked around on an area that is under water for most of the year.  The Bighorn River dam (Yellowtail) was let out while we were there and it looked like a beach.

Neat geological features. 

And look!  This is Cash's very first time touching grass.  We ate at a park in Powell and he was able to check out the lawn.

The grass went straight to his mouth, and then straight out.  Fun to look at but not to eat!

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  1. Is Shawn looking for fishing lures in the dry lakebed?