May 25, 2010

Looking back at the weekend

This last weekend went by quick with rain/snow/gropple/sun/wind/cold/hot...typical MT weather I guess. Dad and Grammy stayed the night on their way home from Columbia Falls and visiting Jess. The guys went out looking for morels in our pasture but weren't successful. Must be too cold still.

Grammy and Tyler broke out the playdough. She taught him some new tricks with it. They ended up with blue-green fingers for the rest of the night.

I was obviously very proud of this salad. It was made mostly from my garden. If only walnuts and feta grew in Lincoln too--I could have really claimed ownership. The squash and beets from last year's garden, chives, onions, pansy petals, and lettuce were all local!
It was my "first salad from the garden."

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