May 10, 2010

All 3 College Graduates!

This weekend we attended Jonah's graduation at Montana State University.
The full Ceremony was kind of long, but I think it is really special to be there and see all the students who have spent so much time, brainpower, and money into achieving their goals.

At the individual school ceremonies, Jonah got to walk on stage and accept his diploma with all his peers,

...and from all his professors.

I really can't say Congrats to Jonah without thinking how much Mom and Dad have done to make it possible for all 3 of us to successfully complete college,

How nice it was also to stay at a Vacation home up Bridger Canyon. We all got to be together in one fancy house!
The views and rooms were great, good for sitting around and socializing.

One warm and sunny afternoon I sat outside and read. How peaceful :)

For once, this little boy wasn't the center of attention--

This boy was!!

Congrats little brother!

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  1. Thanks Jackie! That last picture is really cool!