May 4, 2010

Glacier II

You can't go to Glacier NP and not be amazed at the Mountains (even if they aren't totally visible through the clouds).

It was a good thing we had Jen with us; the bears wouldn't stand a chance if she whipped out this bear spray from her bottle rack.

Jen: All smiles and crooked helmets

Meg: All coffee all the time

Jackie: Do you guys want to turn around yet? Does anyone want to stop and have a snack?

This was the end of the road for us; too many rocks and too much snow on the road. Our tires just did slippy-slides trying to go through it.
So we turned around.

A friendly British couple took our picture once we finally got back to the car. We did about 19 miles in all. When we turned around on the way up we still had 7 miles to go before we got to Logan Pass.
Definitely a trip we plan on trying again!

Sunday morning dawned cloudy again so we eyed our wet spandex and shoes and decided that a cup of coffee and a walk around Whitefish would be more fun than a chilly ride on a bike.

I got a Tiger Chai---grrrrr!

Whitefish had a really nice pathway to walk.
We wished we had our dogs, especially since some of the signs were in their language.

We got to Whitefish Lake after walking through some really neat neighborhoods.
Whitefish Lake was totally calm and pristine. A good place to end a great trip.


  1. Looks great! Dave and I are going to try this weekend if he doesn't have to burn. A girl weekend sounds more fun, though :)