Apr 20, 2010

Funny things about little boys

When I saw Tyler patter into the house in his socks one afternoon this weekend, I wondered what he could be after. We had been outside all day, and I took his shoes off to cool his feet. He generally always has pretty sweaty feet.
He scampered outside with a wad of blankets--he pronounces them "Babies." Then he proceeded to lie down in my flower bed and roll around on the sidewalk.

I immediately thought of this image below that I saw on the Pioneer Woman's website.

I guess little boys like to be on the warm cement with their blankies?
Tyler is very content outside these days. Especially when he has his buddy Decker there, and of course, his "baby."
I looked over at him last night I saw him standing there with his hands in his pockets.
It brought to mind this picture that is pretty famous:
"been farming long?"


  1. I found your blog off of my brother's blog " Up In The Valley"
    He told me about yours so I thought I should head over and visit.
    Your little boy is so cute ! I have two nephews that are very cute and fun. I thought you might enjoy visiting my blog as well.
    Here is the link:


    Feel free to follow mine.

  2. I recognize that T-shirt from our trip to Charlevoix, Quebec. We actually did see Beluga whales. Tyler is the cutest grandson a Grammy could have.