Apr 11, 2010


We left the house this afternoon because it was gloomy and snowy, and I wanted to go to the Missouri River and look at something besides my messy house.
It wasn't any better weather at the River. Shawn went out and fished for a couple of hours, trying for walleye=of course. Tyler slept in the truck and I read a book. When he got up we bundled up and went outside for a few minutes.

Even the Bald Eagle looked cold out there.

To warm up we sat inside and ate soup and crackers.

Shawn decided he was done for the day so we drove from the River up past the dam to Holter Lake. There were lots of people using $15 fly rods to catch spawning trout. Tyler got to see a few fish in real life, and practice his newest word of "fish"
He also says "thank you" but it is a constant thing--I can't leave the room without him yelling "thank you" after me.
You're Welcome!!

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