Apr 5, 2010

A Surprise for Jess

Friday afternoon Jonah, Tyler, and I drove up to the Flathead to surprise Jessica for her birthday. Jason did a tremendous job keeping it a secret (and cleaning the house!)

We went to Montana Coffee Traders for breakfast the next day....It was wonderful! Along with a yummy omelette, I bought lots of trinkets and fun things. I just love going to great, fun cafes. Tyler was a little sick last weekend, so he was your typical snotty kid.

Jess: "Tyler, looking at your face makes me lose my appetite"
Tyler: "Aunt Jess, the feeling's mutual"

Jason, Sammy, and Ty had fun throwing the ball around in the back yard. The weather was unpleasant but they needed the fresh air.

It was a short little trip, but I was glad we went and surprised her.

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  1. Hey Jackie - I've been to the Montana Coffee Traders back in 2005 when I was in Butte for a two week training. We drove through Glacier on Saturday and then down through Flathead on Sunday. I had the best breakfast I have ever experienced at this cafe. It ROCKS! If I ever have an opportunity to visit MT again you'll know where to find me! :)