Apr 7, 2010

Our Easter Sunday

The first thing we did after we got up was to look for the Easter basket. It wasn't hidden too hard, so Tyler found it quickly. He didn't like the rabbit grass sticking to his hands.

Then we got dressed and ready for Church. Jonah took a family photo. Don't I look nice for once?
Moments before, my curling iron actually popped, sparked, and died. All while my hair was rolled up in it! Shawn said "that could have been our ticket to early retirement." My mind immediately went to an image where I was lying at a beachouse, bald, eating fresh pineapple, thinking "thanks Vidal Sassoon for the paying me a settlement!" It was not to be though--I just unplugged the iron and threw it away.

Tyler just can't deal with the grass.

He did look great in his new Easter outfit from Grammy S.

Then later in the afternoon, after the ham was cooked, we had some Easter orphans over for dinner.

It was very sunny outside so we went out to digest. These three dudes look pretty content and full of ham.

Jonah and Beau helped Tyler hold the eggs he found in the yard.
You had to hurry to peel and eat an egg....

...before it got smacked onto the ground.
It turned out to be a beautiful and blessed Easter. We felt fortunate to share it with friends and family.

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