Jan 14, 2011

My Chickies

Back in October it seemed like a great idea to get a head start on chicken-raising by ordering chicks early.  Another girl and I put in an order together and decided a December delivery would work great. 
A few days after Christmas, when the temperature was in the 10s and 20s, they arrived at the Post Office, all of them surviving the 2 days shipping from Iowa.
One of 5 new chicks
 It has worked out well so far, even though we've had some severely cold temperatures.  The other option of waiting until March (when the feed stores have chicks for sale) just set us back so many months.  Now, we'll have hens ready to lay in the summer when the grasshoppers are at their highest population, instead of them being ready to lay in late September.  Hopefully they keep growing and stay as healthy as they are now!
They are Aracuana variety, also known as the "Easter Egg layers" for their colorful eggs!

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