Feb 21, 2012

A Sprinkle

I guess you call a baby shower for the second baby a "Sprinkle."  So, some friends put on a "Baby Sprinkle" for me this weekend.  
The girl I asked to take photos didn't do an outstanding job, so here are some of the better photos.  It was nice of her to take pictures for me to remember the day though.

Cake Pops are all the rage now, and one friend brought some over from Helena.  They were soooo yummy!  I will have to try and make some this spring.

And yes, the guest of honor CASH was there...he was being shuffled around between laps.  He ended up being in one of the photos :)
The cake pops were such a hit, we all were so impressed.


  1. I like the cake pop idea what do they bake them to get them round? Aunt Marie

    1. She makes a sheet cake, then crumbles it all up and mixes it with some frosting, and then shapes it into balls, puts a stick in, and dips into the candy coating. Pretty slick, and they were so moist and yummy. I have seen pans now that you bake a little cake in and it makes it into balls. Either way it seems like a lot of work!