Feb 7, 2013

Seeing Friends and ZooMontana

Shawn's gone all week, so the boys and I have stayed active.  We visited some friends in Red Lodge, spent the night, and then all went to the Billings Zoo together.  It was Tyler's first time to a zoo, and he loved it.
Tyler and Eliza --so happy together
Cash was sick with a bad cold, but that didn't stop him from being overactive and annoying.

Watching a movie
Rosy red cheeks and toilet paper mess

Climbing little brothers weren't getting in the way of the movie watching

Eliza's friend Harry was at the zoo, too. 

Tyler and Harry hit it off, and had little patience in waiting for us to catch up

The kids wanted to take the Red Panda home to play.  It was soooo cute!

Howling at the Wolves

We love Eliza, she is so pretty and sweet.

One of the Grizzly bears was out, we liked watching him from safely behind the glass.

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