Mar 21, 2013

A little crazy

I must be a little crazy to keep starting projects outside. 
I decided to put pavers down in front of the door.
One day it is sunny and warm, so we make a lot of progress...

and then a few days later we wake up to this.  Not complaining about the snow or moisture, but everyone knows March is the cruelest month with its ups and downs in temperatures.
Cash is spending his time trying to drive us nuts.  He is an energizer bunny that never slows down.

Maybe once in a while he sits still to be by big brother.

Then there are mornings where I take a quick shower, and come into the living room to find this going on.  Maybe I'm not the crazy one.

1 comment:

  1. BWAAH HA Ha!! This busts me up. Tyler is looking so big!