Jul 23, 2013

Porcupine falls with friends

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have friends come visit, and we busted out of the desert to hit the mountains.  It was 20 degrees cooler up there, and we needed to try out our new camper.  PLUS, Cash had never been camping so we wanted to break him into this outdoorsy lifestyle of ours.
We hiked to Porcupine Falls, which was a steep trail down, and just as steep back up.

The waterfall is very impressive, especially when the most water we are used to seeing is in the form of murky mud flowing through the irrigation ditch.

Dogs make quick friends

It was like a beach party with a lot of hikers staying awhile to cool off and dip their feet in the water

We had to watch some people cliff-dive

Tyler and Eliza

Dan decided to test the water

Sad to hike back up the hill

Dear Nature, I love you

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  1. Jackie- You have to enter that dog photo in some contest. It's very unique. I love it! ~Shelly