Jan 30, 2014

Oh me oh my


Tyler yanked his tooth on his own!  It was flopping around after eating an apple and he was having fits.  I nearly vomited watching him twist and pull and spit blood but stayed close for support.
Afterwards he washed his mouth out 500 times and smiled at me and said "It doesn't hurt anymore!"
Along with that excitement was the early evening visit to the Vet Clinic.  Decker stepped in a leg trap (meant for coyotes) and was gone for a while, and Shawn had to wander around the neighboring field looking for him.  They all went to the clinic where the Vet determined nothing was broken, it was just going to swell and be sore.  Yay Decker! 
Someday we will be bored....I hope...


  1. Hey Grandma is proud that you pulled your own tooth. Now the next one won't be near as hard to pull as you know what to expect. Way to go!!!!!!!!

  2. The first picture of Tyler makes my heart hurt.
    Pop pop.