Aug 3, 2014


I was asked to join a Pig Wrestling team, and last week we went to the Fair and try to win.
Early on were the PeeWee teams, which made the hog-catching look easy.  It got harder as the pigs got bigger and the bentonite muck got slipperier. 

Here we are doing the Calcutta--getting bid on by the people in the grandstand.  We tried to look meek and weak.

We didn't win. But it was entertaining!  And kind of fun?

A boy after my own bleeding heart.  He was devastated when the cat caught this little bird and batted it around.  We got it away from the cat, he nursed it for a while, and then it flew away!

And the final big event was that I got to try my kayak out on a river.  I went with Shawn's co-worker who has guiding experience, and his son was there to help me, too.

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