Dec 11, 2014

Pretty Photos

My new-to-me Tahoe!

The sunrise this morning was a little stunning

Cash was invited to help feed cows from a feed truck this morning.
He was suited up and ready to go 30 minutes early, and wouldn't leave the window in case the neighbor drove up.
A Park Service Ranger cabin
These flickers were fighting in our tree.  Their antics were like weird yoga poses!

Big Horn Canyon views

A tour Shawn and I went on, all about Big Horn Canyon


  1. Your Tahoe looks like our old Jimmy on steroids.
    Did it come with the cool weathervane on top, or did you have to pay extra for that.
    Picture #8 looks like tryouts for a Longmire episode.

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  3. Nice pictures like the one with the Flickers in the tree Aunt Marie