Apr 22, 2015

Boring Moms Trip--Day 1 and 1.5

After getting off the airplane in Columbus, I kissed the ground....happy to have arrived after 12 hours of wondering if I would even get to go on my trip.
Sue picked me up and off we went in search of a funky stop to get a beer and a bite to eat. 
I remembered Athens being a fun college town, so we parked there and walked around.

First trip together in over 4 years!  We went to a place recommended to us called "Jackie-O's"  (how appropriate).

We chatted with Micah, who is a "Dorm Daddy" (residence hall person) and getting his PhD in decision making.  He said we weren't boring moms.  Then he said we HAD to check out the cherry trees, currently in bloom. (they bloom only for a few days, so what luck!)

Ohio University is a gorgeous campus!

Here's the significance of the trees:
In addition to their signaling of the arrival of spring, Somei Yoschino cherry trees—sakura have held deep philosophical importance in Japanese culture since the 8th century. Because full-blown blossoms last for only a day or two, sakura are a symbol of mono no aware: the concept of the impermanence of life. Cherry blossoms are a recurring motif in Japanese art from paintings to pop songs.
OHIO’s grove—possibly the largest in the Midwest—is increasingly popular with Japanese expatriates in the region. With the relocation of Honda of America’s headquarters from California to suburban Columbus, Ohio in particular has a growing Japanese community. And that community is increasingly aware of Ohio University, Thompson said, because of the sakura.

Lots of people bring their kids and babies to get photographed in the trees, which are lit up at night.

We kept driving and stopped for the night in Charleston, WV.  I woke up with the greenness blasting my eyes. 

Ohio River barge

Smartphone took us on a little detour of "Mossy, WV."  It was pretty West Virginia-ish.

Look at all that grass!

Then we reached Fayetteville in the late morning.  No one could answer my question "Coolest small town in the what?"  World? State? Country?  

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