Nov 13, 2015

Some snowy photos

It has been a shock to wake up to new snow so many time, but it's also kind of exciting, after not being in snow for so long.  

Looking our over our back yard.  Our Lady of the Rockies is high up on the mountain.
She's lit up at night, and I'm not embarrassed to say it's really comforting to see her up there.

Two neighbor kids walked by with a sled, which immediately drew Tyler and Cash out to play with them.

Right near Tyler's school and our rental is a great nature area and pathway.
 I've been walking on it while both kids are in school.

A Rails to Trails bike/hike/ski path, we are DEFINITELY going to check it out!

A new thing for us--walking to get Tyler off the bus.  Cash insists on taking his scooter, which is actually a nightmare.
He gets dropped off in a church parking lot a few blocks from our house.

Rose hips in the snow

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