Jul 4, 2017

A week of Farm tours

My work organized a farm tour, with the farms having been featured in the "Lentil Underground" book.
Tyler, Cash and I camped and traveled along visiting the places, while taking photos and participating in the talks.
Our campsite along the Missouri River in Floweree.
The first stop was in Floweree, where we helped one of AERO's members build a straw bale house.  They had a ton of old pieces of equipment, which gave Tyler and Cash a lot of nooks and crannies to explore.

Tyler had his face painted like a pokemon character earlier in the day...

yes we used it

My great coworkers

Elsie (owner of ranch/farm) let tyler take the wheel

Second stop, my old roommate's farm, called Prairie Heritage Farm

Next stop, Villicus Farm about 8 miles from the Canada border.  It was a lot of driving that day.
This is an emmer field

We stopped at Prairie Grass farm the next day, and walked around with the Montana Organic Association group.  This is a kamut wheat field.

lunch was AMAZING

looking at the depth of different weed roots

The cows wanted that clover!


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  1. Really enjoyed your pictures Jackie. Bet the boys had a fabulous weekend exploring. Lots of fresh air too. So proud of you and your commitment to gardening and the outdoors.
    Love you,
    Mom and Dad