Aug 18, 2010

John and Olivia come for a Visit

John and Olivia came to vist last night!
They are biking from British Columbia to Florida, and hope to make it there by November. I worked with John a few years back and invited them to stay the night if they were coming through town.
When they first pulled into the driveway, Tyler disappeared. I thought he had run to hide. Turns out he was just getting his bike out to join in the parade. He was obsessed with those two and didn't stop talking the whole time. None of us really knew exactly what he was saying...

Then, after a night filled with the excitement of having a Grizzly Bear in the yard (!) they packed up and got ready to go.

Today they head to Helena for a few days of rest. It was lots of fun to catch up and hear about their adventures over a garden-grown dinner and later, snapping beans.
For a long time, Tyler watched them pedal off down the road. I think he had hoped they would be staying longer.

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  1. That is so cute he went and got his bike. Reagan would do the same thing. It is funny how their little minds process things.