Aug 24, 2010

Eat all the crap you's your BIRTHDAY TYLER!!

One of the best things about campin' on your 2nd birthday is that you don't have to wash your hands, and you get to eat a lot of stuff you don't normally eat. I didn't make a cake (bad Mother), so we went out for Banana Splits.
Would you believe he ate a few bites of whipped cream and then went for the bananas??
(note the mosquito bite constellation on his cheek)

He got a new fishing pole.
So far, it has caused enormous frustration, but at least now he has a cheap one to throw over the side of the boat instead of dad's expensive one.

"OOOhhhh!!! A present!!!! For me?!?! Let me put down my piece of bacon and open it"

Chilly morning+campfire+presents+bacon=Awesome Birthday

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