May 16, 2011

Ding Dong the Rooster's Dead

I've concluded that anyone who owns, or has owned a rooster has a "terrifying rooster" story.
Now we have one too.  Tyler was outside minding his own business this weekend and Shawn turned around and saw the Rooster take him down.  He pushed him down to the ground and was on his back!!  I am glad I didn't see it, because I would have been so upset/scared/angry/worried. Our rooster is (was) very regal, with 3" spurs and is (was) a breed with double toes.  He never caused any problems before, but in this case you don't get three strikes!
Next thing I know, Shawn brings Tyler in the house (snot and tears and all) and grabs a shot gun. 
We went to the window to see what would happen.  It was kind of comedic, watching Shawn march around with a gun trying to chase a rooster down.  In the end we didn't see it, they were behind the barn.
So....with that, no more rooster, and we can all sleep in a little later than 4:30am.

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