May 11, 2011

Late-Afternoon Leech Adventure

Shawn said the price of leeches is just too high these days, so he started to read up on how to catch them.  Apparently, walleye love leeches.
So yesterday after work he got his leech trap ready (a tin can with holes in it and meat inside) and we headed out to a pond to try it out.

It seems spring has finally come, and the day was a beautiful one.

Tyler had no idea what a leech was.  I tried explaining that they are like worms.  He has told me in the past that he doesn't like worms.

The pond is a pretty one, until you get up close and look at the murky, shrimpy, leech-water.  We kept screeching for Decker to stay out of the muck; we didn't want to deal with the consequences.
Shawn put the contraption in the water and we took off down the road.
It was a gorgeous day, and the grass is beginning to green up.  The snow in the mountains is going to be there for a while!

This morning we got up a little early and left the house to check on the trap.  Shawn said he was surprised he slept well--he was anticipating this moment so much.  He did stay up late and read how to feed and keep the leeches alive.  I wondered aloud why he couldn't have developed an interest in kittens or other more pleasant creatures.

Here is the bucket.  A few came out of the holes and into the white bucket.  Once he took the lid off though, we saw nearly 100 black, squirming, leeches.  I will spare viewers the gag-inducing photo I took of them.  Just know that they were gross.

At precisely the moment the lid came off the tin can, Tyler realized that he was also not fond of leeches.

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