Jul 12, 2011

Kid's Fishing Day

After 8 years without a family fishing day, my office finally was able to get one going again. 
A huge wildfire fire in 2003, along with water rights issues caused the discontinuation.

I helped out with some of the organization, but others did most of the work--setting up learning stations, and putting on little talks about fish.

The trail crew boys were there to help out and give Shawn a hard time 
and Tyler and Paige found something to play with in the grass while we waited for the fish to get released into the lake.

"Will you never put me down?"

At one point, everyone there (about 90 people we guessed) lined up to carry buckets down and stock the lake with trout from the hatchery truck.

Over 300 little fish went in.

And nobody caught any!  The fish were probably too stunned to want to bite the worms. 
It was a fun afternoon/evening, and hopefully next year it gets even better.

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  1. I love this post, sis. You illustrated the event so well. I especially like the 2nd to last photo. All eyes are on that little bucket of little fish, and you can feel the excitement of the moment.