Dec 7, 2011

Almost got a smile today

Cash has thrush, and relayed the yeast infection on to me.  Nursing has been a nightmare, but things are slowly getting better (I think). 
I'm glad he is beginning to react to my baby-talk and cooing, because all the work associated with tackling the thrush is starting to get me down.  From super-sterilizing bottles and droppers, washing all clothes and towels in hot water daily, and meticulously applying anti-fungal creams to he and I, everything has been more work. 
Lately I've been walking around the house smelling like raw garlic, vitamin C, probiotics, and vinegar (which are all natural remedies to combat the infection). 
SIGH, hope this all gets better soon...


  1. Can't help but exclaim "He's a beautiful baby boy!"

  2. He's so cute! I just want to fly out there and scoop him up :) Hope the thrush is clearing up - so good to talk to you the other day. Talk again soon ~Sue